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Wire Transfers

When you need to send money fast and securely, a wire transfer is usually the best method.

Outgoing Domestic Wires

Fee: $20

You can send a domestic wire transfer from your Al-Gar account to another person’s US bank account. To initiate an outgoing domestic wire transfer, please gather the following information and either call the credit union or visit a branch.

Wire Transfer Dollar Amount:

Beneficiary Bank Data 
Name of Institution:
ABA Routing #:

Further Credit
Bank Name:
Account #:

Final Credit
Beneficiary’s Name:
Beneficiary’s Address:
Beneficiary’s Account #:

Incoming Wires

If you or someone else needs to wires funds to your Al-Gar account, please use the following information, including the full name on your Al-Gar account and account number. Al-Gar FCU will not charge you a fee for an incoming wire transfer.

Wire to:

Mid Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union
1201 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057
ABA: 231387550

Further credit to:

Al-Gar Federal Credit Union
316 Paca Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
Account # 25217711810100
Final Credit Account # and Full Name