Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts

Take caution when anyone approaches you via phone or email regarding your accounts.

Phishing Scam

If anyone calls and asks for your card number, that is a scam. We will not ask for your card number; this is information we already know. Do not enter or give your card number.

Internet/E-Mail Fraud

There are many phony e-mails flooding the Internet. Here are a few signs that you’ve gotten one:

  • The e-mail is urgent or frightening. The more pressing the tone is, the more likely it is to be a scam.
  • The e-mail asks for information you wouldn’t normally give out, such as passwords or your Social Security number.
  • The e-mail is not personalized.
  • There’s no digital signature.

Remember, Al-Gar FCU will NEVER contact you by e-mail asking you for account numbers, passwords or other confidential information. For more information, visit