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Fees & Disclosures


Fee Schedule

Fees are set and amended at the discretion of the credit union. The effective date is February 15, 2018.

Account Closed within 90 days of opening$5.00
Account Research$20.00 per hour, $20 minimum
ATM/Debit Replacement Card$10.00 each
ATM PIN Replacement$2.00 each
Check PrintingCost varies with the style and quantity ordered
Copy of Share Draft Check$5.00 each
Deposit Verification$10.00 each
Dormant Account$10.00 monthly
Fax Service$5.00 per page
Garnishment/Levy$25.00 each
Money Order$2.00 each
Official Check$2.00 each
Overdraft Advance & Non Sufficient Funds$30.00 each
Photo Copy$0.25 each
Printed Account History$1.00 per request
Returned Deposit Item$25.00 each
Returned Mail$5.00 each
Stop Payment$30.00 each
Wire Fee for Outgoing Wires
Wire Fee for Incoming Wires
$30.00 each

$25.00 each
ATM Withdraw Fee$2.50 each
Loan Coupon Book$10.00 each
Notary Fee$2.00 each
Bill Pay (without direct deposit)$6.00 monthly
Paper Statement Fee for Online Banking Users$3.00 monthly