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Loan Rates

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Rates effective May 7, 2019

Loan TypeAmount FinancedTerm***APR**
New Vehicle Loans*
2018 & Newer
up to 125%up to 84 monthsas low as 2.75%
Used Vehicle Loans*
2013-2017 Models
up to 125%up to 84 monthsas low as 3.75%
Used Vehicle Loans*
2010-2012 Models
up to 100%36 months
48 months >8k
60 months >10k
as low as 4.99%
as low as 5.49%
as low as 5.99%
Used Vehicle Loans*
2009 & older Models
up to 100%up to 48 monthsas low as 8.99%
New Motorcycle Loans*up to 115%up to 84 months.50% above auto rate
Used Motorcycle Loans*up to 100%up to 72 months.50% above auto rate
New Boat, Camper, Trailer Loans*
2019-2020 Model
up to 100%up to 84 monthsas low as 5.89%
Used Boat, Camper, Trailer Loans*
2013-2019 Model
up to 90%up to 72 monthsas low as 6.99%
Used Boat, Camper, Trailer Loans*
2013 and older
up to 80%up to 60 monthsas low as 9.99%
Share Secured Loans*up to 144 monthsas low as 4.99%
Signature Loans*up to 60 Monthsas low as 6.99%
SPECIAL SIGNATURE LOAN*up to 60 monthsas low as 4.99%
Platinum VISA9.99%
*Interest Rate is based on Credit Score and is subject to change at any time. The Fair Isaac Score from the credit report is used to determine the A, B, C, D, and E tiers. A=700+, B=650-699, C=600-649, D=550-599, and E=549-300.
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
***Terms are all approximated.
Example loan payment: Loan amount $1,000.00 for 12 months at 8.00% the loan payment would be $86.96 monthly. Call for loan payments or use our loan calculators.

Mortgage Rates

Rates effective May 17, 2019

Loan TypeAmount FinancedTerm***APR**
First Mortgage80%120 Months4.000%
180 Months4.660%
240 Months4.910%
Home Equity Line of Creditup to 80%up to 240 Months4.500%
Home Equity - Fixed Rateup to 80%60 Months3.000%
120 Months4.000%
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate
Home Equity Line of Credit annual percentage rate may vary, the maximum APR is 18.00%.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  Use the Mortgage Calculator to determine payments based on loan amount, term and rate.
Home Equity loans the credit union will finance 80% of appraised value less first mortgage balance, maximum loan amount $50,000.00.
Real Estate loans only available in Allegany Co. and Garrett Co., Maryland.  Mineral Co., Hardy Co., Hampshire Co., Grant Co., and Pendleton Co., West Virginia. Bedford Co., and Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.