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Our share draft checking account will save you time and money.

Al-Gar Checking Accounts have no minimum balance requirements, no limit to the number of checks you can write each month, no per items fee, and no monthly service charge.  We also offer overdraft protection from available savings account balance, overdraft advance, a monthly statement, free ATM card, free VISA check card, toll free phone banking, and you can order your checks online.

ATM/VISA Check Card

Once you have an Al-Gar FCU checking account, take advantage of our ATM/VISA Check Card.  This card looks like a credit card, but works like a check. Use it to purchase gas, groceries and other items anywhere VISA is accepted.  You can also use it to get cash at the ATMs.

VIP Gold Club

As you reach the golden years we especially value your business, anyone 55 years old and older that has direct deposit of a retirement check is eligible for membership in our VIP Gold Club.  As a member of the VIP Gold Club you will receive $55.00 worth of services a year free of charge.  Services like check printing charges, money order fees, photo copies, traveler check fees, and etc can all be applied toward your free VIP Services.

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