Online Banking

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Online Banking

Access your accounts 24/7 from any internet-ready device.

With our Virtual Branch Home Banking Service, you can get the balance of your share savings, share draft checking, money market, or loan accounts on a consolidated account list. You can check other important information like your next payment date on loans and dividend information on investments.  And every account can display current transaction history at the touch of a finger so you can keep your checkbook register up to date and your statement balanced.  Also, you can transfer funds among all accounts.  For each transfer you are assigned a unique confirmation number to make it easy to verify the transaction.

Online Bill Payment

Our Bill Pay also known as PayIT offers an alternative way of paying bills. PayIT gives you a confirmation number for every payment and keeps track of your last 18 months’ payment history. Use PayIT free when you are enrolled in direct deposit.*

Using PayIT is easy, with three basic steps:

  • Set up your personal list of merchants
  • Pay your bills today, in the future, or on a recurring schedule
  • Change or cancel your payment information as necessary

Please note, PayIT does not make the following payments:

  • Tax payments
  • Payments for other government obligations such as court directed payments
  • Transfers between your accounts (use Home Banking for transfers)

PayIT supports two types of payments:

  • A one-time payment on the date you specify.
  • An automatic payment that will occur for up to ten years on the date and frequency you specify.

The system will suggest an appropriate lead time for payments depending on the merchant selected.  PayIT lets you cancel or change any payment up until the scheduled payment date.

*PayIT Online Bill Payment is free with direct deposit; otherwise the service is $6.00 per month.

Processing Payments

PayIt begins processing all payments scheduled for each business day at 2 p.m., ET.  If you need to schedule, change or delete a payment for that day, you must do so before 2 p.m., ET. Payments scheduled for non-business dates are processed on the next business day.  Automatic payments that fall on a non-business day may be processed on the business day preceding the payment date.

Insufficient Funds

If you do not have enough money in your account to cover your payment, the payment is failed and you receive a “failed payment” message when you access the MailIT system.


As an added benefit, you get an individual message mailbox in which to send private messages to our PayIT Customer Service department and receive a reply.  Use it to request a service, ask a question, or explain a problem.  MailIT is always available 24 hours a day providing a two-way message link to speed answers to your questions and requests.

Sign up for Online Banking and Bill Payment by calling 301-722-5446 or 800-750-1070.